Ana Neves

Ana Neves expressed creativity already in her early age as a teen, since she stumbled upon the world of stories with illustrations. From that moment on she wanted to practice, illustrate and share her world with other people. Having the fascination for storytelling with romantic imagery, fantasy and fairy tales. Knowing through her paintings she could tell stories, she embodied her emotions into her work with meanings that impacted at stages of her life. Always having the interest for the traditional mediums, she continued to work with color pencils until she found out she can mix with water based paints such as acrylics.

Ana is figuring out new ways and putting herself to the challenge of what new possible ways she can paint and practice. In hopes to improve each year. She has worked with self-publishing authors, worked on inner book illustrations, participated on online galleries and contributed for 78Tarot decks which were crowdfunded successfully on Kickstarter. Ana has worked with U.S. Game Systems, Inc on her Oracle deck, soon to be published.

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