About Auctions

Our Auctions offer a fantastic opportunity for art enthusiasts of all budgets to own original pieces.

The Bad Apple Artists have chosen six captivating art themes for the 2024 auction year. These themes will be unveiled closer to their respective auction dates. The collective will create all new original art works inspired by the themes. Look out on our social media pages (Bad Apple Art Collective & Bad Apple VIP Club) or sign up for our newsletter to get your preview.

We hope your auction experience is enjoyable, and you find that special original piece you’re looking for.

Thank you!
Bad Apple Artists

Bidding On Artwork


  • Auctions run on the last 4 days of the month on the Bad Apple Artist Collective Facebook Page.
  • Auctions run every 2 months but we also have pop-up events like our popular ACEO auctions.
  • Auctions start at 5 pm EST /10 pm GMT and the album of art will be pinned to the top of the page.

How To Participate

  • Simply place your bid by commenting on the artwork you wish to acquire.
  • Every piece starts with an initial bid (all in USD currency) and has a description of the work and additional shipping costs set by the artist.
  • Buy It Now and Bidding are both available.
  • Expect to pay USD prices (please convert if out of the USA).
  • If you purchase an artwork with a BUY IT NOW price, it’s yours immediately. This option is available throughout the entire auction and can be utilized at any time.

The “2 hour Grace Rule” Clarified

  •  The 2-hour “grace” periods are designed to ensure fairness.
  • Please be patient as we announce winners at the end of the auction.
  • It is not always manned but both artists and bidders can view the time of the previous bid.
  • You will note that bids received in the LAST HOUR of the auction will receive a 2-hour extension (grace period) on that artwork, the 2-hour extensions will continue after each bid until a 2-hour period has lapsed with no counter bids. We aim to close auctions as quickly as possible when a piece has been won.

Bids from outside Facebook