Sylvia Strijk

Sylvia Strijk is a Dutch fantasy artist who blends traditional and digital techniques to create enchanting artwork. Inspired by mythology, fantasy stories, and the beauty of nature, her ethereal female figures gracefully blend with the natural world to create a dialogue between beauty and the mysteries of nature. Her works often explore the delicate balance between beauty and horror, embracing the life and death cycle.

Her artistic journey began with a background in multimedia design before she formally studied art at the art academy. After graduating with a bachelor in fine arts degree in photography, she embarked on a creative journey that initially led her to explore surreal self-portraits. It was her rediscovery of her childhood passion for fantasy and fairy tales that marked a pivotal turning point in her artistic evolution. This shift towards painting allowed her to fully embrace her feminine sensibilities and deep connection to nature, leading her to create artwork that exudes a serene and understated mood, conveying a sense of strength and gentleness.

While digital painting is Sylvia’s primary medium, she also embraces traditional techniques like watercolours and mixed media on paper. In her digital work, she imitates traditional watercolour styles, adding a layer of authenticity to her fantastical creations. She further blurs the lines between traditional and digital by scanning and digitally painting over her own watercolour paintings, resulting in complex, multidimensional artwork.

Sylvia’s art has graced book covers, graced posters and advertisements, and adorned the walls of galleries worldwide. Her impactful creations have found recognition in publications and art fairs, solidifying Sylvia Strijk as an artist whose work resonates globally.

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